Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding

Due to the intimate size of our operation here at Free Rein with just a maximum of 12 guests, we absolutely guarantee that you won’t be experiencing ten horse line up ‘nose to tail’ action when you ride out with us. Our natural horsemanship approach means that your horse time here will be hands on. All guests are encouraged to catch, groom, saddle, feed and groundwork their own horses during their time with us. Our riding groups are small and specifically tailored towards your own individual plans for the day. We truly do give you free rein to decide how you spend your days with us, so whether you are a complete novice or wish to impress us with your accomplished riding and horse handling ability, we have the horses and the rides to inspire you.

Venture out all day to further-flung destinations with lunch in your saddle bags, exploring remote and stunning landscapes along the way. Ride up high to encounter dramatic vistas and panoramas of the ranch, search for cattle on the range, or simply hang back at the ranch and improve your skills by taking part in horsemanship clinics and riding lessons with specific instruction if you need it.

How you spend your time in the saddle is entirely up to you.

Follow winding paths through dense pine forest, bathe in dappled sunlight streaming through the leaves of trembling aspen, gallop across open range and water your horse at the creek by the old homestead. Search for the ancient Native Indian village, spot the eagle nesting sites and watch for signs of wildlife passing you by. Wade through seas of wild flower meadows or splash in the lake with your horse and feel the sweet smelling breeze in your face. Jump off and tie your horse to take a swim in a secluded lake, picnic on the shoreline, pick your spot and enjoy a snooze under the shade of a tree or simply kick back, tip your cowboy hat and meditate to the symphony of nature.

Children and Horseback Riding

Your children are more than welcome to partake in all of our horseback adventures provided they can clearly demonstrate the level of ability, control and maturity required to ride safely.
For those children unable to join the more adventurous rides with their parents, we are more than happy to supervise and teach them either in the safety of our arena or out on the trails surrounding the ranch, building both their skills base and their confidence.
Experience is the best lesson in our book and we will walk, instruct and lead them whilst they learn the ropes.

For your added reassurance, safety helmets and body protectors will also be provided for your children.
Whatever their previous experience in the saddle, we have a variety of rides suitable for all levels of young riders to enjoy and your children certainly won’t miss out on sharing the full experience here at Free Rein.